Part III - Tools & Techniques

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Tools & Techniques

Brand colors

To get something out as fast and cheap as I possibly could, I quickly decided on a color palette for my brand using this tool.

MVP creation

How to describe this little hut which seems to be hold together by ropes? Seen close to North Cape (Norway).

Minimum viable product?
Photo by Mark König / Unsplash

After picking my brand's colors, I created a 1 slide presentation using this amazing and free tool. Why a 1 slide presentation? Because I knew that the tool I was using to create that presentation also has a sleek presentation feature that records the presenter's audio and video. So instead of jumping the gun and worrying about getting the pilot of my podcast on Apple Podcasts and Spotify before I even had a podcast, I decided to release this Minimal Viable Product (MVP) of my podcast instead.

Tracking clicks count

When my MVP was good-to-go (G2G or GTG), I had a link I could share. But, from experience, I knew that if I just shared that link from the MVP creation tool above, there was no way I would have known whether people were or were not clicking on that link. So, I instead used this tool that has the feature to, not only, track how many times your links get clicked and tell you where the people who clicked on them are located (free feature), but also to use a custom domain for those links for better branding (paid feature). When I was done customizing the link to my MVP and making sure that my click-count booby-trap was GTG, it was time to execute and test my hypothesis.

Now that you have the context & understand what the mission was for the episode (part 1), know what hypothesis I had & how I set out to test it (part 2), and know the tools & techniques I used (part 3), let's analyze how I executed the mission in Part 4.